On 7th March 1986, the Lord said to Dr Sam Amaga: You shall raise me an army; an army of people who are strong in faith, empowered by wisdom, intimate with the Holy Ghost and doing exploits in life and for God. In pursuit of this divine vision, the following operational platforms were delivered:

Education Platform

The Archbishop has a passion that grows beyond his generation poised with imparting the right kind of knowledge. His passion to raise servant leaders in the next generation that will take the lead in various sections of society; to address this issue from January 12, 1990, the first school in Port Harcourt was established: the Faith International College and Faith Education Center. From there, the Archbishop proceeded to the Northern part of Nigeria and the middle-belt to carry on this task. Salem University Lokoja became one of the frontline Private Christian Universities within the middle-belt region. The founding purpose of this school is to raise young people that are: a. SPIRITUALLY ALIVE, b. MENTALLY ALERT AND c. SOCIALLY ADAPTABLE TO CHANGE THEIR WORLD By the grace of God, the seed that began in 1990 has become a great tree now known as Salem University, Lokoja located strategically in the confluence capital of Kogi, the 1st capital city under Lord Luggard. Lokoja is strategic in education because Bishop Ajayi Crowther laboured massively as he planted the 1st craft schools in Lokoja and Badagry. Trailing the footsteps of this missionary legend, the Archbishop through the education platform is cultivating a new breed of

generational leaders with a positive mindset that will bring on the change we have all longed for.

The Archbishop is looking at the next phase of education in t h e Niger-Delta region as soon as this 1st phase experiences consolidation. churches on or before 2025.