The name “Salem” means PEACE, and it is symbolized and strengthened by the practice of mutual exchange of gift. The importance of gift for peace-making is underlined in the book of Genesis 14:18-19 where Melchizedech, the Prince of Peace blessed Abraham.

The logo in oval shape consists of an open book sitting on a golden pillar, flanked by yellow sheaves and nine white stars underneath. ‘SU’ being the acronym for Salem University is on top of the open book

The Purple Color: The name Salem University is written in purple color. Purple symbolizes royalty and prestige.

The Blue Color: Blue is a symbol of peace which is the meaning of Salem. Salem University is on a mission to raise Global Leaders in a peaceful learning environment using the art of conflict management that enhances continuity of academics; thus training leaders that will promote peace and resolve conflicts in a world torn apart by conflict and violence.

The Golden Rod: The rod is the symbol of strength and character. When a leader is trained to be competent and has no character, chaos is inevitable.

Nine White Stars: The white stars symbolize light to the world. Graduates of Salem University shall be as stars shining into the dark path of the earth in character, knowledge and wisdom that change things in their environment.

Rising Sun: The rising sun from a dark blue background reveals the strength of light no matter how little. Graduates of Salem University, whether few or many, will be sufficiently equipped with character, knowledge and resilience to stand out no matter the challenges in the environment and make a difference as the rising sun.

Open Book: Being an institution of learning, the open book symbolizes continuous attention to learning and knowledge as instruments of change and empowerment.

The Sheaves: The sheaves represent fruitfulness as in harvesting the wheat corn fully ripe in its season.

School Colors





Salem University graduate world class professional students annually



More than 400, over 350 in Nigeria, nearly 40 in some 201 other countries. See the alumni section for more information.

Salem University has five (5) Faculties/Colleges and the Centre for Continuing Education & Entrepreneurial Studies (CCE&ES). The five faculties oversee schools and divisions that offer courses and award academic degrees.

Families with students on scholarship pay an average of N500,000 annually toward the cost of a Salem education. Some Salem University students receive scholarship aid under the Sam Amaga Foundation platform.

These numbers come from many sources, including the Salem University Hand Book and the Annual Financial Report to the Board of Overseers of Salem University. Sign up for the Newsletter to receive highlights about faculty news, research projects, staff developments, student life, and daily events in your inbox.