We are way too fast to form opinions about Salem University (SU) that we forget the truth about the university. Well, it is an innate thing and a constitutional right to hold opinions and express them. However, this truth overrides our respective opinions, and that is ‘Salem University is a God-given vision.’ This is why SU functions in crafting every aspect of its students’ lives. It envisions these students as ‘Global Leaders.’
SU isn’t just interested in academic excellence but also every thing about one’s future. It does groom Global Leaders to be academically sound and to be ‘Spiritually Alive.’

I came to understand my years in SU was God’s purpose. That’s why during my most trying times thus far in life, I was able to remain in God. God chose SU for me to remain in Him. I know if I were elsewhere, I would have been lost.

To the Global Leaders, you may get tired of the numerous leadership trainings but that’s required to place us on a global stage. You may get weary of all the Chapel Services and Programs but that’s needed to keep us strong and firm on the global stage in this crooked and perverse generation in which we must shine like stars (Philippians 2:15- NIV) as we are taught in SU. We all may not see the benefit of these two now but we’ll come to realise their importance someday. Believe it or not, a time will surely come when we would all appreciate SU.

SU is a vision interested in academic excellence, character development, leadership on a global stage, one’s spiritual life, future career and even future home. I surely don’t know any tertiary institution as Salem University.

I’m grateful to God for SU.
I honor God for the Vision-Carrier, Archbishop Sam Amaga.
I’m thankful to God for the VC, Prof Johnson Akubo , who is running well with the vision, as a true son of his father, Archbishop Sam Amaga.
I bless God for the Acting Registrar of the University, Dr. Adejoh Emmanuel.
I bless God for the Dean of the College of Law, Prof Joshua Igonoh, who has been a source of strength to me, and a personal father figure.
I appreciate deeply the chaplains during my five years in SU – Pst Uchena Onele and Pst Apollos. You’ve been a huge blessing sirs!
I bless God for all the legal luminaries in the College of Law, who unarguably are one of a kind.
I really bless God for all the lecturers/academic staff I met outside the College of Law, as well as the nonacademic staff.
And to Change Agents and Global Leaders I met during my five years in SU; I give you a huge ‘THUMBS-UP!’

As the amiable VC would say, ‘Salem University may not be where it ought to be now but is surely not where it used to be.’ Salem university will surely reach the peak of God’s plan as well as purpose for it!

…My Thanks to God… My Honor to God!

Stephen Jo’jaelnta Kwol
College of Law