Comprehensive Study Guides for S.U. Global Leaders & Golden Message from the Honourable V.C.

Comprehensive Study Guides for S.U. Global Leaders & Golden Message from the Honourable V.C.

From the Desk of the Vice-Chancellor – Prof. D. Omanyo Oluwade

Salem greetings to all our Global leaders. The name of our University represents peace, we declare peace to all Global leaders and members of Salem University Community. The focus of Salem University is on raising Global leaders. This philosophy culminates into raising leaders that are; spiritually alive, mentally alert, and intellectually developed. We are committed to the core values of: godliness, confidence, mental empowerment, integrity, accountability, diligence and resourcefulness, sense of priority and synergy; we take these core values serious because they signify our identity as a Christian faith-based University.

Academic Programs

Our Colleges include the following: The College of Education. The College of Education has;  Library and Information Science, Computer Science Education, Economics Education, Social Studies, Educational Management, Business Education, Health Education, Human Kinetics, and English Education, etc. We also have the College of Communication and Media Studies which graduated from the former MASS Communication. Other Colleges in Salem University include: The College of Natural and Applied Sciences, College of Information and Communication Technology, and the College of Management and Social Sciences. Here we have many interesting programs such as: International Relations, Criminology and Security Studies, Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Peace and Development Studies, Public Administration, Sociology, and International Relations. Above all, we have the College of Law, and the School of Postgraduate studies which are gallantly standing, and waxing strong in all aspect.

Raising Global Leaders

Salem University is not just raising leaders, but leaders that will meet the demands of the society. In Salem University, we believe that youthfulness is a period of transition and the demand is for quality rather than the time of life. Youthfulness to us is a phase in life, and we must work towards making it useful. It is a stage we will all look back to, what you do with it now determines how happy or sad you become when you look back in years to come. This view of the University is in the fact that the demand of the society all over the world is in the content, and not the time of life. The content of the adolescent that is fourteen years, fifteen, sixteen, years etc. determines the quality of his/her performance later in life as government official, husband, wife, teacher, lawyer, business man, accountant, etc. Building the content therefore is important to us because age without content has no meaning to the society. We ensure by all means that the quality in the content of our Global leaders  have the positive mind set, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, courage over timidity, and the appetite for adventure over the life of ease. We major in the view that young people must be taught the right thing to do to become members of the larger society.

As Robert Kennedy would say “This world demands the qualities of youth: not a time of life, but a state of mind, a temper of the will, a quality of imagination, a predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the life of ease.” –

The message to our Global leaders at this time is that; the present lock down does not lock down the mind or the ability to make academic progress. We are sending our lecture guide to ensure that you are refreshed academically, and to prepare you for further academic activities. 

Remember, you are the salt of the world, people should feel the taste of your impact even as you grow to become responsible members of the society. You are the light of the world, dare to create the niche for where your destiny will be fulfilled.

Study Guides for Global Leaders

Every Global Leader (student) is to click on the corresponding download link of his/her respective College to access attached comprehensive study guides. You (Global Leader) should contact either your Class Representative, College Officer, HOD or Dean to get the password(s) of the study guides.

Study guides for College of Management & Social Sciences (CMSS)

Study guides for College of Information and Communication Technology (CICT)

Study guides for College of Education and Humanities

Study guides for College of Law (CoL)

Study guides for Mass Communication

Study guides for College of Natural & Applied Sciences (CNAS)

Study guides for Post Graduate School (PGS)