The Chaplaincy has the following operational channels:

  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Pastoral Care Services
  • Seminars, workshops and conferences
  • Specialized Schools of
    1. Wisdom
    2. Leadership
    3. Family Life



Guidance and counseling are available for students and staff at all times over all issues.



The pastoral needs of students are met by the chaplaincy. The pastoral care service is comprehensive in nature and student – friendly in approach.




Proven persons with character and integrity that have outstanding lasting success stories will be invited to share the universal principles that helped them to achieve such results. The scope will cover:

  1. Organizing seminars on vocational studies
  2. Developing leadership qualities /skills
  • Creating opportunities for extensive interactive sessions
  1. Discussing real life experience with real people.
  2. Providing challenging opportunities to hear from social activist, key political players, national economic controllers and dynamic ministers of the gospel.



We have specialized schools designed to build the capacity of the University community in the following personal areas:

  • School of Wisdom: Wisdom is a weapon of war in the battles of life. The Bible describes wisdom as the principal thing (Proverbs 4:7) and a vital compass that gives direction in all facets of life (Eccl. 10:10). This school will run programmes that will give practical application of wisdom in facing and winning the challenges of life and making global impact.


  • School of Leadership: Everything rises and falls on leadership. This school will be a down-to-earth platform for molding global leaders. Leadership is responsibility to be discharged not a position to be occupied. This aspect of leadership will be modeled by committing structured responsibilities to the students.


  • School of Family Life: The family is the basic unit upon which the society is built. The society is an extension and a reflection of the kind of family values we have created. This school will teach students the right godly family values.