Centre for Entrepreneurship Development of Salem University, Lokoja is focused on equipping our Global Leaders with resourceful skills which will make them to be job-creators rather than being job-seekers after graduation.

Some of the aims of the entrepreneurship programmes are to:
1. Acquire knowledge and develop skills necessary to plan and begin a venture.
2. Offer early knowledge of and contact with the world of entrepreneurship and some understanding of the role of entrepreneurs in economic, social, cultural, and personal value creation in the community.
3. Promote the development of personal qualities that are relevant to entrepreneurship, such as creativity, spirit of initiative, risk-taking and responsibility.
4. Raise students’ awareness of self-employment as a career option with a view to enhancing their employability and creative career development.
5. Organize activities based on learning by doing, for example, students launching new ventures, developing new products, generating social and community initiatives, and running mini-companies or virtual firms.
6. Provide specific skills acquisition training on how to start a micro or small scale business in the vocational choice of students through the university-incubated ventures and outsourced providers.