The vision of Salem University is to be a center of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact.


Salem University is loaded with Missions towards Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. These Missions are centered around the under-listed:

  • Empower generational leaders for global impact.



Godliness forms the bedrock of our existence as a University and defines every aspect of our operations and context. The Christian ethos guides our activities and conduct at all times


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The Admin Block,Salem University, Lokoja Campus

KM 16, Lokoja-Ajaokuta Road,
P.M.B 1060, Lokoja, Kogi State,Nigeria
Backview of Senate Building

The Senate Block,Salem University, Lokoja Campus

KM 16, Lokoja-Ajaokuta Road,
P.M.B 1060, Lokoja, Kogi State,Nigeria

The Library Block,Salem University, Lokoja Campus

KM 16, Lokoja-Ajaokuta Road,
P.M.B 1060, Lokoja, Kogi State,Nigeria

Why Choose Us

Salem University is a pre-eminent institution, with state-of-the-art facilities and scientific research lab with seasoned teams. Research at Salem University is highly collaborative allowing graduate students to develop as interdisciplinary scientists. Salem University has invested tons in humanists and social science courses as well as science facilities, including major renovations of teaching and research facilities in Chemistry, Physics, Information and communication. Salem University, Nigeria has also commenced her law programme, and students admitted in 2017 are now at 400l.

Welcome on board.

Salem University Lokoja is out to achieve the vision of raising leaders who are spiritually alive, mentally alert and intellectually developed to change their world in a Godly way. Our mission is to spark a Transformational Academic Revolution (TAR).

We have admitted you as work in progress but you will be released as a global leader empowered to be a positive change agent, a catalyst for change that will not settle for the average, but strive for distinctive achievement in the area of your calling; will not be saturated with complacency, but shall stir up compassion for change and result; will not rationalize your disappointment, but will go on to realize your dreams.

You must go through the process to make progress and receive the desired product. Follow all instructions in this Handbook and orders given here for they are the raw materials for the construction of your destiny. Our core values are meant to help you combine intelligence with integrity for smartness can take you to the top, but only integrity can keep you there.

You may have read the histories of many. It is easier to read history than to make a positive one. This is your time to prepare for a great and impactful life. Nothing is as difficult as it first appears. Many years ago, I had a dream in which I chose to make the willing to choose to succeed. Today many have been made mighty. Success is not a mystery but a predictable outcome based on positive attitude, habits and proven principles. You have all it takes to succeed and be a positive difference-maker in our negative world.

Twenty (20) children don’t play together for twenty (20) years. Your fellow Global Leaders today will not remain the same forever. Many will change for good if they are focused and deal ruthlessly with distractions. Focus maintained is successfully attained. Broken focus is the one reason Global Leaders fail to achieve their primary objective in a University environment, you must now take a personal non-transferable responsibility to distinguish yourself for an enviable future. If you play now you pay later. But the voice of wisdom says “pay now and pay later”. The Bible in lamentations 3:27 instructs “it is good for a man to bear the yoke in his youth”.

Our practical approach to knowledge and skill transfer is uniquely structured to equip you to be a wealth creator who seeks out opportunities and create opportunities for others. You will enjoy and get challenged by the near real-life assignment style and the entrepreneurship flavour. You will be kept on your toes by our information and communication technology-enhanced lecture delivery and environment bias.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result is one definition of the word insanity. Globally, nations are doing the same thing and expecting different results, especially in governance. Everything rises and falls with leadership. That is why we are embarking on this vital process of raising you as a global leader to do things differently and rightly, and to make a positive influence in our world.

I pray divine wisdom and supernatural intelligence upon you.

You will not disappoint God,

You will not disappoint your parents,

You will not disappoint your sponsors,

You will not disappoint the University,

You will not disappoint your destiny and

You will not disappoint your posterity.

You will emerge a leader God and humanity will be proud of in Jesus name.

You shall set the pace for others to follow in Jesus name.

No evil shall befall you on this destiny journey in Jesus name.

The covenant of God’s presence shall abide with you all the days of your time here in Jesus name.

Welcome to Salem university where global leaders are raised.


Archbishop Sam Amaga


Salem University is a product of the educational vision of Archbishop Sam Amaga, the founder and presently the Archbishop of Salem International Christian Center, the global international base of Foundation Faith ChurchWorldwide, an offshoot of Sam Amiga Ministries International. God mandated Archbishop Sam Amaga in 1988 with a vision to raise a generation of people strong in faith, strong in wisdom and doing exploits in life. The vision found expression in the establishment of Salem International Christian Center (the Proprietor) of Faith Education Center and Faith International College, a nursery/primary and the secondary schools respectively in Port-Harcourt since 12th January 1990. Faith International College has graduated many sets with excellent results at the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

With the successful founding and running of educational institutions at the lower levels, Salem International Christian Center, in line with the educational visionary pursuit of its President, Archbishop Sam Amaga, to raise men and make them mighty, set out to establish the University to graduate integrated students, who will be people of integrity, character and strong in wisdom using renewing their spirit, mind and body.

In consonance with the Federal Government’s philosophy and policy directions on tertiary education in Nigeria, as well as the special mandate of Salem University, the University would lay emphasis on empowerment, self-reliance and entrepreneurship development.

It is also recognized that the solutions to increasingly complex societal problems will require the acquisition of knowledge from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. The programmes of the University, therefore, shall seek to achieve a balance between the intellectual acquisition of knowledge and the practical use of such knowledge via responsible roles in the society to provide social impact.

The training of the students shall foster the appreciation of and creation of solutions to the problems of the environment. As a means of achieving this, a major requirement of the programmes of the University, as far as possible, shall be student involvement in relevant intellectual and practical work experiences.

Besides, a central concern of the University shall also be to develop people who would value human values. In its programmes, it shall inculcate a high sense of self-reliance and self-confidence and integrity in its students.

In effect, Salem University’s philosophy is to empower and transform her students to be spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined and socially adapted to enable commitment to service for self-reliance. This the University will do by giving students the opportunities for developing cognitive and manipulative skills that will enable them to function effectively in the society in which they find themselves within the limit of their capacity.

Salem University educational system will be geared towards self-realization, better human relationship, i.e. student/students, students/staff, staff/staff, staff/student/individuals, and national and global unity as well as towards social, cultural, economic, political, scientific and technological progress.

Our mandate isTransformational Academic Revolution (TAR) – to achieve the following:


Take academics from just cramming to pass examinations to the level of imparting knowledge and practical skill, thus equipping our students to be nation builders.


Produce graduates who will combine intelligence with integrity for we know that smartness can take a man to the top but only integrity can keep him on top.


TAR Three

Produce graduates who are sound in spirit, mind (intellect) and body thus creating wealth and. making outstanding global impact.

TAR Four

Empower our students to be global leaders through promoting their individual natural abilities and enhance their practical skills, making room for creative learning and cutting edge research that are intentionally targeted at proffering solutions to specific human needs. We will not just teach students what to do but how to practically do it to solve human problems.

TAR Five

Raise global leaders with royalty and prestige who are simply change agents and will not

  • settle for the average, but strive for distinctive, achievement in their area of calling.
  • be saturated with complacency, but shall stir up compassion for change and. results.
  • rationalize their disappointment, but will go over to realize their dreams.
  • be governed by their darkest mistakes and deepest regrets, but by their finest thoughts, their greatest optimism, their highest enthusiasm and their important experience, knowing that God can turn their mistakes into miracles.

They will be leaders who seek outfor opportunities and create opportunities for others to excel.

Name of University

The name “Salem” means peace symbolized and strengthened by the practice of mutual exchange of gift. The importance of gift for peace-making is underlined in the book of Genesis 14:18-19 where Melchizedech, the Prince of Peace blessed Abraham. It was recorded thus:

“And Melchizedech king of Salem brought forth bread and wine; and he (was) the priest of the most high God. And he blessed him, and said, Blessed (be) Abram of the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth.”

Salem simply means peace. It is our pact with parents/guardians, students and staff that we shall provide a peaceful learning environment to guarantee:

  1. The continuity of academic programmes, instead of incessant strike action that truncate academic programmes. This will help us raise quality graduates.
  2. Raising of leaders who shall be peaceful at home, at work and in the society at large despite the chaos, troubles and challenges in the world. We are out to raise graduates with such peace in their spirit and soul as to reflect in their physical behavioral pattern of non-violence to their fellow human beings. This is the reason we are introducing such relevant courses as Peace and Developmental Studies.

As a church sponsored University, we intend to model our students on the teachings of Jesus that demands love for God which must translate into love for the fellow man; peace at heart which makes the man unruffled by circumstances, for a leader must not waver in the face of challenges. The commitment of Salem University is to help raise leaders that will promote peace in our world. They therefore, must be spiritually alive, mentally alert and physically developed to change our world for good.

Logo of the University

The logo in oval shape consistsof an open book, sitting on a golden pillar, flanked by yellow shelves and nine white stars underneath. ‘SU’ being the acronym for Salem University is on top of the open book. A rising sun from a dark blue sky illuminates the background. The name of the university, in purple colour, is written in a curved shape at the top while the motto is beneath. The components of the logo are interpreted below.

The Purple Colour

The name Salem University is written in purple colour. Purple symbolizes royalty and prestige. As in military assignment in the United States or United Kingdom, purple refer to programmes or assignments that are jointly carried out. These assignments are not confined to a single service unit like the Army or the Navy, but a joint operation involving the entire defense. For people to be promoted to flag ranks i.e Rear Admiral and higher, one or more such joint billets called purple is required. Officers in joint billets therefore are referred to as wearing purple.

Salem University therefore, intends to give students a joint billet study programmes that will keep them spiritually alive, intellectually alert, socially adaptable and yet will never run morally bankrupt. This is the kind of leaders our world is waiting for.

The Blue Colour

Blue is a symbol of peace which is the meaning of Salem. Salem University is on a mission to raise students in a peaceful learning environment and the art of conflict management that enhances continuity of academics; thus training leaders that will promote peace and resolve conflicts in a world torn apart by conflict and violence.

We realized that if students do not grow up in a peaceful learning environment, it will affect their character, their performance and even their leadership quality and ability. We are embarking on a crusade that promotes peace through our academic programmes, for the environment someone lives and grows up contributes immensely to the quality of his life eventually. The University shall raise ambassadors of peace.

The Golden Rod

The rod is the symbol of strength and character. When a leader is trained to be competent and has no character, chaos is inevitable. We are raising leaders from Salem University who shall show forth character and integrity in the world that cries against leaders who lack integrity. This generation of leaders will stand out at work, at home and in the society.

The rod of strength is deliberately colored in gold. Gold from millennium to millennium has been used as a store of value. Gold represents purity and enduring value. It represents wealth and prestige.

Salem University, as a church sponsored University is mind full of our great responsibility of raising leaders with enduring moral values, purity of purpose and motive. Such leaders shall be highly priced in our decayed world. Salem University is committed to raising leaders whose contribution to spiritual strength, intellectual strength, and physical display of diligence will generate great wealth.

We are therefore building the University on the core values of Spirituality, Positive mentality, Capacity building, Integrity, Responsibility, Diligence and Sacrifice.

Nine White Stars

The white stars symbolize light to the world. Graduates of Salem University shall be as stars shining into the dark path of the earth in character, knowledge and wisdom that changes things in their environment. The nine stars represent the fruits of the Holy Spirit namely, Love, Joy, Peace, Patience,Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness and Self Control, these fruits are vital in shaping the life and character of students.

Rising Sun

The rising sun from a dark blue background reveals the strength of light no matter how little. Graduates of Salem University, whether few or many, will be sufficiently equipped with character, knowledge and resilience to stand out no matter the challenges in the environment and make a difference as the rising sun.

Open Book

Being an institution of learning, the open book symbolizes continuous attention to learning and knowledge as instruments of change and empowerment.

The Shielves

The shielves represent fruitfulness as in harvesting the wheat corn fully ripe in its season. Products of Salem University will not be half baked nor deficient in their disciplines. They shall be fruitful and a worthy reward for their generation and the world at large, creating impact wherever they go.


The motto of the University is “Knowledge, Empowerment and Self-Reliance”. All graduates of Salem University of Nigeria will be equipped through training and education for creativity and self reliance. It is a paradigm shift from graduating job seekers to job creators with skills; a shift to raising quality leaders strong in wisdom,strong in character, priceless in integrity and excellence, who will be able to think for themselves and contribute to making the Nation and the world a better place.



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