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Fresh Applicants

If you have already registered, please enter your registered e-mail address and password. After you have successfully submitted the online application, you can login this application account using the same e-mail address and password to get access to the Online Document Upload System and other functions relating to admissions.


For returning applicants, please enter your username and password below to log in. You must enter your username in lower case and your password in the same case you used to register.

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If you have not registered for 2017 entry, please click the "register" button to use this service. You only need to register once. Click here to start the application process.

Apply is a secure online application system that allows you to apply for full-time undergraduate courses, and some part-time courses, at universities and colleges in the world. It is made up of different sections that you need to complete. Once your application is complete, it must be sent to us so that we can process it.

Your application does not have to be completed all at once. The system allows you to leave a section partially completed so you can return to it later and add to or edit any information you have entered.

Help is available throughout Apply to make it easier for you to provide the correct details for each section. It is important that you read the help screens before completing your application because giving the wrong or incomplete information can affect the decisions made by the university.

You can choose to display Apply in French. You can amend the language before registering or once you have logged in to Apply, and if you change your mind, you can switch between English and French at any time while logged in.

Here is a brief of how to start and continue your application into Salem University.

  • Start application process by filling out the registration form and selecting appropriate mode of entry with the University.
  • If you already registered, continue your application filling completing the various section of the application.
  • NB: The section of the application include Personal Information, Education, Required Documents, Spiritual/Physical Background and Preview.
  • Almost all field are required but required field are marked with asterisk (*). Please fill out required fields and upload necessary documents as related to your mode of entry.
  • Please make sure that you Read, Edit where necessary and Save your information as supplying correct information is important to us.