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We are out to achieve the vision of raising leaders who are spiritually alive, mentally alert and intellectually developed to change their world
in a Godly way. Our mission is to spark a Transformational Academic Revolution.

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Our mission's mandate is Transformational Academic Revolution (TAR) our TAR Mission is out to achieve the following:

TAR Mandate One

Take academics from just cramming to pass examinations to the level of imparting knowledge and practical skills, thus equipping our students to be nation builders.

TAR Mandate Two

Produce graduates who will combine intelligence with integrity for we know that smartness can take a man to the top but only integrity can keep him on top.

TAR Mandate Three

Produce graduates who are sound in spirit, mind (intellect) and body thus creating wealth and making outstanding global impact.

TAR Mandate Four

Empower our students to be global leaders through promoting their natural abilities and enhancing their practical skills, making room for creative learning and cutting edge research intentionally targeted at proffering solutions to specific human needs. We will not just teach students what to do but how to practically solve human problems.

TAR Mandate Five

Raise global leaders with royalty and prestige who are simply change agents;

  • Who will not settle for average, but strive for distinctive achievement in their area of calling
  • Who will not be saturated with complacency, but shall stir up compassion for change and results.
  • Who will not rationalize their disappointment, but will go on to realize their dreams.
  • Who will not be governed by their darkest mistakes and deepest regrets, but by their finest thoughts, greatest optimism, highest enthusiasm and their important experiences, knowing that God can turn their mistakes into miracles. They will be leaders who seek out and create opportunities for others to excel.