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We are out to achieve the vision of raising leaders who are spiritually alive, mentally alert and intellectually developed to change their world
in a Godly way. Our mission is to spark a Transformational Academic Revolution.

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The name "Salem" means PEACE symbolized and strengthened by the practice of mutual exchange of gift. The importance of gift for peace-making is underlined in the book of Genesis 14:18-19 where Melcchizedech, the Prince of Peace blessed Abraham.

Salem University Shields

Salem University Shield

The logo in oval shape consists of an open book sitting on a golden pillar, flanked by yellow sheaves and nine white stars underneath. 'SU' being the acronym for Salem University is on top of the open book

The Purple Color: The name Salem University is written in purple color. Purple symbolizes royalty and prestige.

The Blue Color: Blue is a symbol of peace which is the meaning of Salem. Salem University is on a mission to raise Global Leaders in a peaceful learning environment using the art of conflict management that enhances continuity of academics; thus training leaders that will promote peace and resolve conflicts in a world torn apart by conflict and violence.

The Golden Rod: The rod is the symbol of strength and character. When a leader is trained to be competent and has no character, chaos is inevitable.

Nine White Stars: The white stars symbolize light to the world. Graduates of Salem University shall be as stars shining into the dark path of the earth in character, knowledge and wisdom that change things in their environment.

Rising Sun: The rising sun from a dark blue background reveals the strength of light no matter how little. Graduates of Salem University, whether few or many, will be sufficiently equipped with character, knowledge and resilience to stand out no matter the challenges in the environment and make a difference as the rising sun.

Open Book: Being an institution of learning, the open book symbolizes continuous attention to learning and knowledge as instruments of change and empowerment.

The Sheaves: The sheaves represent fruitfulness as in harvesting the wheat corn fully ripe in its season.


Knowledge, Empowerment and Self-Reliance.

School Colors

SU Colors

Salem University Vice Chancellor

Prof. Joseph Adeola Fuwape

Prof. Joseph Adeola Fuwape


Salem University – About 1,151
Graduate and professional students – About 500
Total – About 1,651

Living Alumni

More than 400, over 350 in Nigeria, nearly 40 in some 201 other countries. See the alumni website soon for more information.

Library Collection

The Salem University Library — The library is built on a strong information and communication technology foundation Our focus is that no matter where they may be, Global Leaders and teachers can use technology to tap into the world's knowledge bank.

Faculties, Schools, and an Institute

Salem University has three Faculties/Colleges and the Centre for Continuing Education & Entrepreneurial Studies (CCE&ES). The four faculties oversee schools and divisions that offer courses and award academic degrees.


Families with students on scholarship pay an average of N500,000 annually toward the cost of a Salem education. Some Salem University students receive scholarship aid under the Sam Amaga Foundation platform.

University Professors

8 'Individuals of Distinction'

More Information

These numbers come from many sources, including the Salem University Hand Book and the Annual Financial Report to the Board of Overseers of Salem University. Sign up for the Newsletter to receive highlights about faculty news, research projects, staff developments, student life, and daily events in your inbox.

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Greetings from our Vice Chancellor - Prof. Joseph Adeola Fuwape

Salem University is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, we offer unparalleled student experience across a broad spectrum of academic environment. Each Academic Department in the University is accredited by the National Universities Commission.

The ultimate aim of any student is to obtain the best possible degree. Our Global Leaders (Students) are encouraged to discover new things, develop a critical mind, question what is been taught and form new ideas. Salem University offers a variety of resources, information and advice to help our Global Leaders make the most of their academic pursuit.

The laboratories in all our colleges are well equipped to cater for the practical needs of our Global Leaders. Our library complex is a high standard research centre with wifi internet access, e-library with connection to well known University Libraries across the world.

We welcome you to check our website, apply, and visit our campus for an experience of how we are Raising Global Leaders to become Change Agents.


The vision of Salem University is to be a center of excellence for the production of graduates who are worthy in learning and character as well as sound in mind, body and spirit for outstanding leadership and global impact.


Salem University is loaded with Missions, towards Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. These Missions are centered around the under-listed:

  • Empower generational leaders for global impact.
  • Promote and enhance the talents and skills of the people in selected fields of human endeavour through the provision of quality education that guarantees a balanced comprehensive curricula for the full development of the spiritual, intellectual, physical and social character of our future leaders.
  • Equip its students with the knowledge and skills necessary for them to be able to participate at all levels in every aspect of the nation including technological, political, social, economic and cultural, and to provide education for responsible and responsive leadership.
  • Promote research both for its role as service to society in finding solutions to its problems and also as a means of enhancing intellectual development and confidence.

Salem University is a product of the educational vision of Archbishop Sam Amaga, the motivator and President of Salem International Christian Center, the global international base of Foundation Faith Church Worldwide that was established by Sam Amaga Ministries International.

  • The Mandate


    God mandated Archbishop Sam Amaga in 1988 with a vision to raise a generation of people strong in faith, strong in wisdom and doing exploits in life. The vision found expression in the establishment of Salem International Christian Center as the Proprietor of Faith Education Center and Faith International College, a nursery/primary and the secondary schools respectively, in Port-Harcourt since 12 January 1990. Faith International College has graduated several sets with excellent results at the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) conducted by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC).

    With the successful founding and running of educational institutions at the lower levels, Salem International Christian Center, in line with the educational visionary pursuit of its President to raise men and make them mighty, set out to establish Salem University to graduate integrated students, who will be people of integrity, character and strong in wisdom by means of renewing their spirit, mind and body. These aspirations and goals are captured in the vision and mission of the University.

  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) Accreditation

    April 9, 2013

    Salem University is enlisted as one of the Universities accredited by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN) The Professional accreditation of the Accounting Department of the University was successful and Certificate to the effect was presented to the University on the 9th of April, 2013 in Lagos by the ICAN President, Mr. Adedoyin Idowu Owolabi.

In consonance with the Federal Government's philosophy and policy directions on tertiary education in Nigeria, as well as the special mandate of Salem University, the University would lay emphasis on empowerment, self-reliance and entrepreneurship development.

It is also recognized that the solutions to increasingly complex societal problems will require the acquisition of knowledge from a wide spectrum of academic disciplines. The programmes of the University, therefore, seek to achieve a balance between the intellectual acquisition of knowledge and the practical use of such knowledge via responsible roles in society to provide social impact.

The training of the students shall foster the appreciation and creation of a solution to the problems of the environment. As a means of achieving this, a major requirement of the programmes of the University, shall be student involvement in relevant intellectual and practical work experiences wherever possible.

Central concern of the University is to develop people who will value human lives. In its programmes, it shall inculcate a high sense of self-reliance, self confidence and integrity in its students.

In effect, Salem University philosophy is to empower and transform her students to be spiritually alive, intellectually alert, physically disciplined and socially adapted to enable commitment to service for self reliance. This the University will do by giving students the opportunities for developing cognitive and entrepreneurial skills that will enable them to function effectively in the society in which they find themselves, within the limit of their capacity.

Salem University educational system is geared towards self-realization, better human relationships among all categories of people, and national and global unity as well as social, cultural, economic, political, scientific and technological progress.

Our mission's mandate is Transformational Academic Revolution (TAR) our TAR Mission is out to achieve the following:

TAR Mandate One

Take academics from just cramming to pass examinations to the level of imparting knowledge and practical skills, thus equipping our students to be nation builders.

TAR Mandate Two

Produce graduates who will combine intelligence with integrity for we know that smartness can take a man to the top but only integrity can keep him on top.

TAR Mandate Three

Produce graduates who are sound in spirit, mind (intellect) and body thus creating wealth and making outstanding global impact.

TAR Mandate Four

Empower our students to be global leaders through promoting their natural abilities and enhancing their practical skills, making room for creative learning and cutting edge research intentionally targeted at proffering solutions to specific human needs. We will not just teach students what to do but how to practically solve human problems.

TAR Mandate Five

Raise global leaders with royalty and prestige who are simply change agents;

  • Who will not settle for average, but strive for distinctive achievement in their area of calling
  • Who will not be saturated with complacency, but shall stir up compassion for change and results.
  • Who will not rationalize their disappointment, but will go on to realize their dreams.
  • Who will not be governed by their darkest mistakes and deepest regrets, but by their finest thoughts, greatest optimism, highest enthusiasm and their important experiences, knowing that God can turn their mistakes into miracles. They will be leaders who seek out and create opportunities for others to excel.

Salem University has these uniqueness as our niche:

  • To inculcate a culture of job and wealth creation through entrepreneurship and private enterprise.
  • To produce a new generation of global leaders who are schooled in the art and science of conflict prevention and management.
  • To facilitate the emergence of a generation of leaders who combine Christian family values and excellent work ethics.
  • To produce a generation of innovators and leaders in the on-going scientific revolutions in Energy sector, Information and Communication Technology, Biotechnology and a strong drive in the field of preventive naturalopathtic medicine.
  • To achieve these laudable goals, we incorporate Total Leadership Training Concept (TLTC) activities.

The Core Values of the University are:


Godliness forms the bedrock of our existence as a University and defines every aspect of our operations and context. The Christian ethos guides our activities and conduct at all times and every student of Salem University is expected to exhibit character traits and dispositions of Jesus centered heritage. The Jesus centered approach to all issues is non-negotiable and central in the pursuit of our mandate in raising a new generation of leaders and in the realization of the objectives of our purpose. Therefore, students will be committed to maintaining a high level of godliness and shall act in such manner as to facilitate their spiritual growth as well as work out ways to evolve and implement a spiritual development plan. Attendance at Chapel Services is part of students' spiritual development. Students are expected to demonstrate a deep reverence for God at all times. The aim is to eliminate occultism and other vices in society.


Students of Salem University are expected to exhibit character, attitudes and habits exuding self-confidence and dignity at all levels through communication, interaction and general conduct. They are expected to see themselves as persons of worth and value, taking pride in their uniqueness as individuals with a positive mindset devoid of any trace of inferiority but a strong belief in self and nation as well as articulating their core purpose as individuals and a possibility mindedness directed towards positive achievement and contribution.

Mental Empowerment

We are committed to raising students who themselves show commitment to a life style of continuous academic and personal development, striving to be continuously relevant to the Overall vision requirement of the University as well as its core mission, goals and objectives. Students are encouraged to constantly seek paths for self-improvement. Openness to learning new skills and taking onboard new information are traits expected of Salem University students in order to cause a robustness and depth in the quality of their output.


A man may rise to the top by craftiness, but only integrity can keep him there. Students of Salem University are therefore expected to demonstrate qualities of honesty, uprightness and trustworthiness at all times. They must ensure that they are accountable persons, whose word is their bond, transparent and open in all their dealings and flagging truth as a virtue at all times, particularly, in conduct branding the core values of the University. Integrity in matters of conduct during examination, obeying the rules and regulations, being spiritually sound, morally upright and having a good conscience.


Doing the right thing at the right time and for t.he right reasons is one of the values of life we want our students to hold dear. We are committed to inculcating a sense of accountability in our students. We expect them to do what is right at all times. We believe in the place of discipline for effective leadership, responding to issues as demanded not as convenient. Here, at Salem University, our students are not permitted to do what they like but what is right. Punctuality to lectures as well as prompt response to assignments as demanded are desired traits of accountability. Doing what is right, not just what you like is a mark of honor.

Diligence and Resourcefulness

Only the diligent eventually stand before Kings. Therefore, students of Salem University are expected to be strongly committed to their assignments. We expect that they will demonstrate the virtues of hard work and deliver qualitative output and constantly strive towards excellent, attainment of high standards, in all they do. They must be resourceful, doing everything to improve on themselves and their performance. We believe that commitment is the greatest qualifier for attainment, hence, our celebration of this trait in preparing students for leadership responsibilities after graduation.

Sense of Priority

Going up requires giving up something. We want our students to know that life is in phases. The phase they are in as students requires giving up pursuit of some extra-ordinary pleasures so they can go up in their intellectual pursuit. This is where priority comes in. Sacrifice is the ultimate price for outstanding leadership. It is the quality of right placement of priority that defines great leadership. We expect students of Salem University to go the extra mile, paying the extra price in the attainment of their set goals. Raising an altar of sacrifice in pursuit of their dreams is what must distinguish and define the Salem University Students. If you play now, you pay later. Priority says "pay now and play later".


It takes a team to make the dream work. One is too small a number to achieve great results. As an individual, you are only a voice, but together we are a force. Synergy is basically achieving more together as a team than the sum of all working as Individuals. Our students will understand and celebrate the individual uniqueness of their Fellow students with the view of harnessing and harmonizing them for geometric results. When effort is combined, effort is multiplied. That is the product of effective synergy.

SU Administrators

Read the profiles of the Management team of Salem University. Click to read.

Click to visit any of our Departments and Units below for more information.


This Unit is headed by the VC and has the following sections under it.


The Office of the Public Relations Officer is the University's official channel of communication to both it's internal and external publics. The Mission of the Unit is founded on a scriptural injunction: Luke 8:16.

The Office is committed to providing a diversity of services to members of the University Community, The Media (print, electronic, internet) and the General Public.

The Public Relations Office is associated with the following:

  • Media & Public Relations
  • Strategic communication planning, printing and publishing
  • News gathering, news writing and editing
  • Print publication and design
  • Web-writing, development and content management
  • Event co-ordination and management
  • Production of SU Newsletter

Protocols: The PRO team receives all University guests with utmost courtesies, arranging guided tours for them with up-to-date information about the institution.


The ICT Unit offers a several number of services to the staff and students of Salem University. The Unit Provides, coordinates, and facilitates the use of technology and information resources to the satisfaction of the institution and its stakeholders and to improve and maintain the local area network (LAN) and to liaise with external suppliers and providers of ICT goods and services to provide computing, information, and telecommunications services and support.

The activities of the Unit include:

  • Provision of hardware & software
  • Automation of core services
  • Maintenance of server functions for email, internet, databases, file storage and administration
  • Training
  • ICT Policy & Strategy development and implementation
  • Data management services
  • Technical Support Services
  • Website design and development
  • Provision of intercom for communications within the University with external community
  • Maintenance of intercommunication equipment for the University
  • Provision of Constant Intranet and Internet connectivity for both staff and student use
  • Management of the University Portal
  • Application development
  • Data processing
  • Provision and management of electronics teaching aid
  • Provision and management of video conferencing and virtual learning.


All staff and Global Leaders, upon first assumption in the University, or latest by the Orientation Week, are required to register and be examined at the University Health Centre. The purpose of this is to ensure that all are protected from potential infection, and if necessary, treated for any health problems.

During the registration and examination, staff and Global Leaders are expected to bring along two passport photographs, their chest X-ray films and completed medical certificates from duly recognized medical outfits.

Each person is issued a Health Centre Registration Card with his/her number and photograph on it.

Persons with chronic health problems, such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease or other potentially serious conditions are required to establish and maintain a regular patient relationship with the University Health Centre.

The Health Centre may issue medical certificate when a person is found temporarily unfit to work or attend lectures or examination on grounds of illness or injury. Such certificate must reach the Supervisor or Global Leaders Affairs Officer no later than 8.00 a.m. of the following working day.

Salem University is committed to combining prayer with orthodox medicine as the best means of maintaining and regaining health.


Headed by the University's chaplain, Rev. Timothy Attah

Internal Audit

The Mission of the office of the Internal Auditor, IA, is to provide quality Internal audit Services consistent with professional standards, to the University's management & staff. This will enable:

  • Effectiveness and Efficiency in Operations
  • Compliance with applicable laws, regulations, University's policies and procedures
  • Safeguarding of University's assests

Our Goal is to offer independent and objective observations to management to assits in improving the control enviroment.

Student Affairs

The student affairs unit operates under the Vice-Chancellor with the Dean of Students as the Head. Apart from the Dean, all others are Registry Staff. The Deputy Registrar (Students) is the administrative head of the unit. The unit performs the under listed functions among others;


The Registry can be described as the engine room, heart or nerve-centre of the University Administration from where administrative and academic service activities radiate into all arms of the university. It offers administrative support services to Council, Joint Council/Senate, Senate, Administrative and Management Committees of the University as well as to other service departments such as the Bursary, University Library, Works, Physical Planning Unit, Academic Planning Unit, Legal Unit, Security Unit, and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor. The Registry therefore, serves the operational goals and objectives of the University as enshrined in the Law establishing the University.

The Registry is the nucleus of the University's administrative activities and must be manned by very high caliber staff to enhance its service delivery. In accordance with the University Law, the Registrar is the Head of the Registry. The Registrar is assisted by the various unit heads in the management and administration of the Registry. These are the Deputy Registrars, Principal Assistant Registrars, Senior Assistant Registrars, Assistant Registrars, Administrative Officers, Administrative Assistants and other Clerical and Secretarial cadre staff.

The Registry of Salem University is currently headed by the Registrar, Mrs. Ocholi.

The Registry is made up of the following Offices.


The Council office is the secretariat of the University's Governing Council which has responsibility for the general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and property of the University, including its public relations.

The office is headed by a Council Officer who is responsible to the Registrar for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the office. Specifically the office performs the following functions.

  1. Servicing of the meetings of Council, Finance and General Purposes Committee, Tenders Board.
  2. Preparing and circulating of agenda papers for Council meetings and all other Council Committees.
  3. Developing minutes of Council and its Committees and taking follow-up actions on decisions arising from the meetings for necessary action by appropriate organs of the University.
  4. Liaising with Council members on behalf of the Registrar in all matters affecting the welfare of the members and carrying out other administrative duties as may be directed by the Registrar.
  5. Registration of University contactors and consultants.
  6. Issuing of staff identity cards and car stickers, etc.


The Establishment Office is responsible for all personnel matters in respect of all categories of staff (Senior Academic/Non-Academic and Junior Staff) in the University under the supervision of the Establishment Officer who is responsible to the Registrar. The office has two main units: a.Senior Staff and b.Junior Staff, and each of these units have their functions and sub-units.

Academic Office

The Academic Office is an arm of the Registry and serves as the hub of all academic activities in the University.

The major activities and events of Registry units are detailed in the Registry Manual.


The Bursary Department of the Salem University is the financial engine room of the University. The department is headed by the Bursar who, is the Chief Finance Officer of the University and is responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the day-to-day administration and control of the financial affairs of the University.

Our Mission is to support the University's strategic goals by performing Financial Management functions timely and accurately with a professional and courteous demeanour to stakeholders. By the latest restructuring of the Department, there are five main divisions in the Department. They are:

Cash Office

The Cash Office recives/disburses cash, lodges/withdraws cash from the bank, and issues reciepts. It is headed by Mr. Ibukun Erinomo.

Final Accounts

The office is headed by Mr. Olopade Gboyega, ACA. and has the following functions:

  1. Analysis of payment according to account codes and banks.
  2. Preparing weekly summary of expenditure and raising of journals for posting to the ledgers.
  3. Preparing monthly reciepts and payment.

Student Records

The student records office is responsible for the financial records of students from they time they joined the University community. Fees, Grants, Scholarships, e.t.c for every student is recorded and kept up-to-date. The office is headed by Mr. Sunday Innocent Odili.

Payroll Office

Payroll is a critical function of the bursary department and includes making sure all employees are paid accurately and timely. In addition, proper tax is assessed and tax payments are on time with state and federal government agencies. The payroll office has Mr. Victor Ocheja as its head.


The store office is responsible for the safe keeping and distribution of goods/items purchased. It is headed by Mr. Victor Ocheja.


The Works Department is headed by the Works Directorate with Professor Awojo as its Director.

The directorate is charged with the following goals:

  • To ensure maintenance of all facilities on campus to an acceptable level of functionality.
  • To ensure continual personnel training with adequate provision of equipments for optimal performance.
  • To ensure total computerization of the department for effective performance.
  • To establish a modern technology driven maintenance system rapid response to faults.

The functions of the department are listed below:

  • Maintenance and up-keep of public buildings and furniture.
  • Maintenance and up-keep of residential buildings and furniture.
  • Maintenance and up-keep of roads and drains in the University.
  • Maintenance, up-keep and beautification of the environment.
  • Provision of water, electricity and communication services, their up-keep and maintenance.
  • Maintenance and up-keep of plants and equipment.
  • The up-keep, maintenance repairs of University's mobile vehicles including cars, lorries, tractors, crane and other road vehicles.
  • Maintenance and repairs of electronic and other equipment used in the teaching laboratories, and in other departments of the University.
  • The acquisition of real property and its management with the advent of Estate office.


The University Library (UL) is the centre of academic activity in the University. The Library is built on a strong information and communication technology foundation. Our focus is that no matter where they may be, Global Leaders and teachers can use technology to tap into the world's knowledge bank. The Library is divided into the following sections:

  1. General Collection - Contains books
  2. Serials - Journals, Newspapers, Conference Proceedings
  3. Reference - Reference Materials
  4. Government Publications - Federal and State Government Publications
  5. Public Access Computer - With Internet Connection
  6. e - Library - eBooks, eJournals, Past Question Papers
  7. Library Homepage ( - Connection to numerous online databases
  8. Public Catalogue ( - Available campus wide

Library Hours

The UL hours are determined by the Academic Calendar and the needs of the staff and Global Leaders. Generally, the hours of operation are:

Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 9:00pm
Saturday: 9:00am - 1:00pm
Sunday: 4:00pm - 9:00pm

The Library opens on Public Holidays except when Global Leaders are away.


Every user of the UL is expected to register with the Library and obtain a user password and Identity Card for access to the UL resources and materials.

Reference Service

The Reference Desk is always manned by a librarian, who attends to your reference needs, whenever the UL is open. Feel free to approach the officer for help.

Other Services

The other Services Offered by the Library include: Photocopy, Printing, Scanning, and Binding.