Department of Social Sciences
 Josephine N.  Okoli

Head of Department

Josephine N. Okoli

Department of Social Sciences

The Department of Social Science was created in 2011 when the former Department of Criminology and Penology, Economics, Peace and Development Studies, and Regional Integration and Diplomacy were merged to allow for optimal use of existing capacity. As the intakes into the programme increase over time, it will become expedient to allow each programme to become full fledge department again.

Department Modules

CSC 101 Introduction to Computer 1
CSC 201 Computer Programming
CSC 203 Introduction to Computer System
CSC 301 Comp. Architecture Organization and Operating System
CSC 303 Database Design and Analysis
CSC305 Computational Science and Numerical Analysis
CSC 307 Survey of Programming Language
CSC 309 Software Development (Design and Management)
CSC311 Object Oriented Programming
CSC 313 Operating Research
CSC401 Queuing System
CSC 403 Software Engineering and Project Management
CSC 405 Data Communication and Network
CSC 407 Structured Programming
CSC409 Computer System Simulation and Performing Evaluation
CSC 411 Organization of Programming Languages
CSC 413 Computational Science and Numerical Analysis (Method)II
CSC 497 Special Topic in ICT
CIT 202 Ms Excel 2
CSC102 Computer Application software
CSC104 Discrete Structures
ITG102 Introduction to Information Systems
CSC202 Computer Programming 2
CSC204 Compiler Contruction
CSC206 Computer Arch., Organization and Operating System
MIS202 Management Information System (MIS202)
TEL202 Electronics Devices
CSC307 Survey of programming languages
CSC309 Software Development
CSC404 Artifitial Intelligence and Expert Systems
CSC406 Cryptography, Network Security and Control
CSC402 Computer Graphics and animation
ITG402 Net-Centric Computing
MIS402 e-Business and Electronic Commerce Implementation
ITG488 Current Topics in Info Tech
CSCITG499 Project (CICT)
CIT104 Certified Secured Computer User II
CIT204 Microsoft Office Specialist, Excel II
CIT206 MS SQL Server 2012 II
CIT306 Customer Relationship Management II
CIT402 Native Android Development II
CIT406 Project Management II