Department of Management Sciences
 Benson A.  Akpan

Head of Department

Benson A. Akpan

Department of Management Sciences

The Department of Management Sciences has the general objective of training Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Accountants, Business Administrators, Office and Human resources Managers who can play leadership roles in private and public organizations. Towards this end, the Department is committed to making its academic programmes qualitative and globally competitive. At present, the Department offers the B.Sc. Business Administration Degree programme and the B.Sc Accounting programme. Other programmes will soon come on stream. The Department aspires to become a preferred destination for the training of professionals and practitioners in the management sciences. To this end, our lecturers work tirelessly to promote learning and understanding among students, by adopting world class teaching and research techniques.

Department Modules

PDS 101 Peace Thinking and Peace Making
PDS 103 Introduction to Psychology
PDS 105 Culture and Conflict Resolution
PDS 107 Introduction to Sociology
PDS 109 Religions in Conflict Resolution
PDS 111 Introduction to Human Geography
PDS 201 Sociology of Development
PDS 203 Quantitative Methods
PDS 205 Peace Keeping and Conflict Resolution
PDS 207 Conflict Prevention
PDS 211 Religion and Violence
PDS 213 Traditional Methods of Conflict Resolution.
PDS 209 Identity and Resource Control Conflicts
PDS 301 Theories of Urban Development
PDS 303 Failed States & Post-Conflict P. Building
PDS 305 Industrial Relations
PDS 307 Negotiation Theories & Methods
PDS 311 War & Society
PDS 313 Rural Empowerment & Conflict Prevent.
PDS 315 Colonial Legacies, Comm. Conflicts etc.
PDS 317 Civil-Military Relations
PDS 319 Governance and Political Transition
PDS 403 Economic Security & Nat. Security
PDS 407 Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity
PDS 411 International Conflict & Early Warnig System
PDS 410 International Peacekeeping Operations
PDS 419 History of the Modern Middle East
PDS 415 Wars in Ancient Greece
PDS 417 Wars of Liberation in Southern Africa
PDS 421 Security Sector Reform
GES102 English and Communication skills
GES104 Mentoring, Creative thinking and leadership
GES106 Introduction to French (GES)
GES108 Use of Library
PDS106 Introduction to statistics
GES202 Citizenship education and peace studies
GES204 Introduction to entrepreneurship
GES206 History and philisophy of science
PDS108 Economics of development
PDS102 Sociology of development 1
PSY102 Introduction to Psycology
PDS210 Peace Keeping and Conflict Resolution (BUS ADMIN)
TLTC402 Leadership starts now
TLTC102 Fundamentals of leadership
TLTC202 Leadership and influeance
TLTC302 More tools for effective leadership
PDS104 Theories of conflict resolution
PDS110 The World War and Violence
PDS114 Introduction to Public Policy Analysis
PDS202 Qualitative Methods
PDS204 Culture, Values and Conflict in Nigeria
PDS206 International Organization and Conflict Resolution
PDS208 Rural Economy and Society
PDS212 Globalization and Equity
PDS214 Nationalism, Ethnicity, and Conflicts
PDS216 Peacemaking and Management of Displaced Persons
PDS218 Transformation of Intractable Conflict
PDS302 Urbanization and Conflict
PDS304 Research Methods (PDS)
PDS306 Peace Education
PDS310 Poverty, Conflict and Insecurity
PDS312 The Media, Information Management and Conflicts
PDS314 Cultism, Drugs and Conflicts
PDS316 Gender in War and Peace
PDS318 The Military and New Technologies
PDS320 The Conflicts of the South
PDS402 Negotiation II
PDS404 Conflict Modeling II
PDS406 Asia – Pacific Wars
PDS408 Peace and Conflict Impact Assessment
PDS499 Project (PDS)
PDS412 Contemporary Wars in West Africa
PDS414 American Civil War
PDS416 Wars in Ancient Greece (sem 2)
PDS418 Contemporary Wars in the Middle East
PDS308 Terrorism and Global Conflicts