Department of Computer Science
 Godwin O.  Igbinosa

Head of Department

Godwin O. Igbinosa

Department of Computer Science

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Computer Science is a programme under the Department of Computer Science. The curriculum for this programme is designed to provide a broad introduction to the fundamentals of computer science including software and systems, programming languages, machine architecture, and theoretical foundations of computing. Students will be particularly well prepared for graduate study in computer science. Since computer scientists can apply their skills to so many diverse areas, students are encouraged to take courses of interest as electives from other programmes within and outside the College. It is expected that at least one programming language will be introduced to the students every semester.

Department Modules

MTH 201 Mathematical Methods
PHY 201 General physics II, Elementary Physics
GEO 301 Sedimentology and sedimentary petrology
GEO 305 Igneous Petrology
GEO 307 Structural Geology
GEO 309 Principles of Geophysics
GEO 311 Metamorphic Petrology
GEO 315 Geochemistry
GEO 317 Stratigraphy
GEO 313 Principles of hydrology
PHY 101 General Physics 1
PHY 103 General Physics II
PHY 107 General Physics Lab 1
GEO 101 Introduction to geology
GEO 201 Physical Geology
Optical Mineralogy GEO 203
GEO 205 Systematic Palecontology
GEO 207 Elementary Survey
GEO 401 Research Project (Geology)
GEO 403 Regional Structural Geology
GEO 405 Geology of Nigeria
GEO 409 Applied Geophysics
GEO 411 Precambrain Geology & Geochronology
GEO 413 Seminar (Geology)
MTH104 Elementary Maths 2
PHY102 General Physics
PHY108 General Physics Lab 2
STS102 Probability 1 (STS102)
STS202 Statistics of physical science and engineering
GEO202 Crystallography and mineralogy
GEO204 Field Geology and map interpretation
GEO206 Igneous and metamorphic petrology
GEO208 Mineral Resources and Environmental Geology
GEO212 Photogeology and remote sensing
GEO302 Geological field mapping techniques
GEO402 Petroleum Geology
GEO404 Palynology and Micropaleontology
GEO406 Economic Geology
GEO408 Hydrogeology
GEO412 Engineering Geology
GEO414 Environmental Geology
GEO416 Regional Geology of Africa
GEO418 Marine Geology
GEO420 Basin Analysis
GEO102 Introduction to geology 2
GEO210 Paleobiology
PHY202 Electric circuit and philosophy of science
PHY204 Optics and waves
GEO209 Introduction to cartography
IRD104 The development of the international system
MTH202 Differential Equation
MTH101 Elementary Mathematics
MTH203 Algebra